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jillian landis

jillian landis

Jillian Landis, Charter member since January 1st, 2016

President, Idaho Life Coach Association

Relationship and Self-Worth Coach

Evolve Personal Coaching LLC


angie shea

angie shea

Angie Shea, Charter member since April 15th, 2016

Boundaries Coach

Expand Coaching LLC



Renee Settle, member since December 2016

Blog Manager and Writing Expert, Idaho Life Coach Association

12 Minutes A Day

Writing and Book Coach


paula lenz-kerr

paula lenz-kerr

Paula Lenz-Kerr, member since May 2017

Vice President, Idaho Life Coach Association

Paula Lenze-Kerr Health and Fitness Business Coach

Business Coach


Jeremy beasley

Jeremy beasley

Jeremy Beasley - member since July 2018

CCAR, CPSS, Certified Recovery Coach

Recovery and Addiction Coach

The Thirty-Seven Group